Lighting Design & Production design

St. Vincent
Digital Witness tour 2014 - 2015
David Byrne & St. Vincent
Love This Giant tour 2012 - 2013
Arcade Fire
The Suburbs tour 2010 - 2011
Accelerate tour 2008
All Around the Sun tour 2004-2005
Reveal tour 2001
The White Stripes
Icky Thump tour 2007
Elephant tour 2003
Charlotte Gainsbourg
IRM U.S. tour 2010
Midnight Vultures, Mutations,
and Odelay tours 1986-2002
In Utero tour 1993-1994
Nevermind tour 1991-1992
Sonic Youth
One Thousand Leaves, Washing Machine,
Dirty, Goo, Daydream Nation, Sister
and EVOL tours 1986-1998
David Byrne
Grown Backwards tour 2004
Dots and Loops tour 1997
Emperor Tomato Ketchup tour 1996

and also:
Helmet, the Rollins Band, Joan Baez,
the Feelies, Belly, Cranes.

Installation & Architectural Lighting

Third Man Records
Lighting design for Jack White's
live music venue in Nashville, Tennesee 2013.
Gary Graham
Lighting design for clothing designer
Gary Graham's
flagship retail store in New York City 2009.

Design for Broadcast & Film

The White Stripes
Under Great White Northern Lights
2009. Lighting design and production design for the live concert film
of the White Stripes final tour in 2007.
R.E.M. Live 2007
2007. Lighting design and production design of a concert DVD
from the 2005 All Around the Sun tour.
AOL Music Sessions
2005-2007. Lighting design for various artists'
live studio performances for an
internet and television broadcast music series.
Velvet Goldmine
1997. Concert lighting consultation to
cinematographer Maryse Alberti on the
Todd Haynes feature film

As Lighting Director for other designers

Promo shows 2016
(lighting design by Willie Williams)
Hannah Montana
Best of Both Worlds tour 2007-2008
(lighting design by Abigail Rosen-Holmes,
produced by Disney)
2003 Tour
(lighting design and production design
by Willie Williams)
Tom Waits
Mule Variations tour 1999
(lighting design and production design
by Anne Millitello)
beck stage design
sonic youth stage design
charlotte gainsbourg stage design
nirvana stage design
rem stage design
arcade fire
david byrne and st.Vincent stage design
sonic youth
stereolab stage design
st. vincent stage design
REM stage design
arcade Fire stage design

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